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Wednesday, August 20
Educational journey for the Live Events industry
12:00 to 13:00


13: 00 - 14:00
PANEL: State of the Industry: Events Live in Mexico
Moderator: Rodrigo Cassasus Coke, CTS
Director of Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, InfoComm International.
& Bull; Susana Gait & aacute, n, Director of Production & oacute; Nice n.
& Bull; Eliuth Herrera, Director of companies Kardia Productions, Wear a Corporate Image, and Studio Kamikaze.
& Bull; V RIVER ctor L & oacute; fish Vice President of Operations of AVI-SPL.
This panel will present attendees with information concerning industry and promoting live events contained in the 2014 Global AV Market Definition and Strategy Study of InfoComm International (submitted in June). In addition to deliver the vision of experts on strategies that must be implemented companies in Live Events and promotion to be more competitive, to the future to anticipate market opportunities and meet potential on the horizon. Attendees will interact with the panelists and answer your questions regarding these issues.
14: 00 - 15:00
Mapping: The world is your canvas
Adela Kriland
Owner of the company and Epecialista Omagica multimedia.
Attendees will learn about mapping, applications using multiple projectors at events and meet the wide range of possibilities that are generated by the combination of multiple display devices on surfaces not originally intended as a projection screen. Some basics on how to generate the content will also be mentioned.
1530 - 16:30
Project Management for Live Events.
Nelson Baumgratz, CTS-D
Country Manager for Brazil InfoComm International
The live event professionals learn & aacute, in this conference you need to know about the benefits of early administration & Our competitively priced field-tested projects; from the satisfaction & COLLISION AND customer needs to work with the equipment of the house, to work with multiple vendors and successfully manage an event, a learned skill.
In this session we will deal on:
  • • Understanding the relationships of stakeholders
    • Conduct field studies
    • Establish a governance structure
    • Adjust the production schedule
    • Assess the risk

* Participants will receive a copy of the Guide audiovisual setting for events, meetings, conferences and classrooms InfoComm, which is a great resource for new technicians and the entire team.

17: 00 - 18:00
Lighting, Digital Content and Technology
Live Event: Tips and case studies
Eliuth Herrera
Director of companies Kardia Productions, Wear a Corporate Image, and Studio Kamikaze.
Work in the field of Live Event AV requires one to be an artist and technical at the same time. Not enough to know how to operate the projectors, mixing images or create a lighting plan - need to know how to handle or generate digital content presented and learn how lighting conceives the right environment, and know as a space interact with images to create something memorable. In this lecture the speaker present success stories of some interesting projects; skills, techniques and technologies used that were vital to them as well the lessons that have been learned along the way.
18:00 to 19:00


18:00 to 20:00



Thursday 21 August
InfoComm Seminars for Professional Development
1230 - 13:30
How leaders achieve extraordinary results in minimal time.
Luis Fernando Gonzalez Hinojosa, CTS
In this presentation participants will understand and answer some questions about successful leadership as: what the leading causes for poor performance rather extraordinary results; what basic knowledge, skills and inspiration needed a leader to help a great run; how quickly direct a strategic initiative and get great results the team; why Now the strategy is the implementation; what difference between effective implementation and successful execution.
14: 00 - 15:00
4K in detail
Sergio Gaitán
Learning Director Multisistemas BVC, SA de CV.
This session signal characteristics, applications, criteria for Design and the benefits provided by a system of 4K video display are discussed. The conference is aimed at designers, technicians and salespeople who want video signal handling in high resolution.
1530 - 16:30
Design Line Arrays in halls
Oriol Galofré
Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Vocational Bose.
The modern line array for turing has proved a valuable tool in providing a high quality sound in large outdoor spaces. But to use these same line arrays in concert halls the same benefits are not obtained, but it can even create serious problems. Reflections on side walls, gaps in coverage due to separation angles, and inefficient use of the available power can be just some of the consequences. This presentation will provide a systematic method for designing sound systems with line arrays in concert halls, taking into account existing standards in the industry (such as InfoComm ACU) and submit A new line array technology for high sound quality in concert halls.
17: 00 - 18:00
Audio and video solutions for outdoor
Carlos Solomon, CTS
Project Manager Rocketerias
This conference has been created so that integrators and designers known audio and video standards and specifications required for outdoor installations such as beaches, theme parks, among others.
18: 30 - 19:30
Nelson Baumgratz, CTS-D
Country Manager for Brazil InfoComm International
The standard HDBaseT connectivity for consumer industry (CE), promoted jointly by Samsung, Sony, LG and others, based on Valens chipsets, allows long distance transmisióna full-HD video uncompressed , audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power (POE) and different controls, via a LAN cable 100m Cat5e/Cat6. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the features and benefits of a revolutionary technology that now comes to professional AV equipment, embraced by big names like Extron, Crestron and Kramer.
19:30 to 20:00


20:00 hrs



Friday 22 August
InfoComm Seminars for Professional Development
1230 - 13:30
The Challenge of Implementation, doubling your results
Luis Fernando Gonzalez Hinojosa
Learn the four basic habits to develop to achieve strong results. As crucially Important focus on goals. Essential techniques in this mobile world to bring only the most important.
14: 00 - 15:00
Networking for Professional AV
Jose Carselle, CTS-D
Technical Support Manager for Latin America QSC
This presentation is introduccióna concepts AV networks including AV uses the differences between IT conventional networks and networks that carry audiovisual signals, and lessons as basic IP networking technology. The conference attendees has to be concluded giving references and suggestions that will enable them to prepare more with the tools and knowledge that very soon, need each AV technician.
1530 - 16:30
Understanding AVB and its advantages
Ernesto Montañez
Director for Central Biamp Systems
The AV industry has experienced substantial growth over the last decade with rapid technological advances in the industry, including the adoption of industry standards such as audio video bridging (AVB) for IEEE transport audio and video over Ethernet networks. With the increasing scale and complexity of the facility, AVB seeks to close the gap between the audiovisual and IT systems integrators offering a solution that fits the growing need for more flexible and scalable systems.
AVB is likely to become more stable long network solves AV term, and in this presentation we take a look at the advantages it promises tecnologíay integrators. By understanding the new AVB protocols, integrators will be in a position to design and implement solutions AV networked to a level of price and performance that was previously unattainable.
17: 00 - 18:00
Sound design in commercial establishments and Hospitality
Carlos Solomon, CTS
Project Manager Rocketerias
This seminar will present audio design 70v especially distributed and different routing options and signal distribution, both analog and digital. Also give an overview of the systems and options market, and how to optimize the resources so that the end user can have a system based on your needs and preferences system.
18: 30 - 19:30
Design Projection Systems to meet the standard
Contrast Ratio Projected Image System (PISCR).
Nelson Baumgratz, CTS-D
Country Manager for Brazil InfoComm International
Need a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, and showcase your expertise to complete a job? Or maybe you are a user of AV and requires ensuring that the project has been completed with quality.
This workshop will allow fast attendees learn how to design a projection system, and meet the ANSI defined standard; also discover how to adjust the settings of projection that is required and the contrast ratio required for a screening of the quality, and the math behind everything.
Participants who successfully complete the workshop may request a certificate of completion that may be included in future project proposals.
19:30 to 20:00

Programming subject to change


Value 3 days, unlimited entry:
$ 300 general public
$ 240 InfoComm members

• 2 Free support for registered conference visitors to the Expo.
• Free attendance to 3 lectures for VIP guests.




Seminars will take place during the days of the fair, from 20 to 22 August 2014, at the World Trade Centre, Mexico City The topics for presentations include:

InfoComm Conference for Industry Live Events and Promotion

Target Audience: Professionals live events.
Examples of topics: Advanced acoustic, live broadcast to media events digital signal transmission over long distances, handling interactivity with images of files and live, among other topics of interest to Professional Live Event and promotion.

InfoComm Seminar for Industry Information Technology (IT)

Target Audience: Professional, technical, department heads or managers.
Examples of topics: Audio and Video IT infrastructure; what IT professionals want and need to know about Audio and Video; digital signage; transmission media; case studies or any other topic of interest to IT professionals.

InfoComm Seminar for Professional Development

Target Audience: Professional Audio and Video.
Topics of the seminar: Any industry relevance Audio and Video, technical issues or case studies.


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